Saturday, June 25, 2011

Much tooooo long, ah well...

Life happens, quicker and quicker it seems, even when I'm doing my best to enjoy the precious moments that happen regularly... I apologize to family and friends, especially those far away for my poor blog habits.  I will try harder~! a nutshell, I completed my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Music with a 3.8 grade point average which means scholarships (hooray!), and I have one year to go.  We had 5 visitors (3 different trips) from England, which was so amazing.  I quit my driving job in April, and am now teaching flute at home, and just started a month ago working at a music studio mostly for kids, teaching private and group intro piano lessons, parent-tot classes, and more.  I love it so far.  Thom is about to start a full time job plus will still take good gigs, Kyran is almost done Kindergarten (3 days to go), and Haydn is adding to his vocabulary minute by minute.  Our dog Ben is well too, and the walks are great for us as well as him.  We love being so near the river valley. 

We have up and down days, but we are pretty darn happy and grateful for what we've got.  Here are a lot of was a challenge to arrange them on here so sorry for the chaotic layout... but it generally shows a time line starting last September and bringing you up to date!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kyran turns 5!

I started back at University at the beginning of September and haven't done any blogging since... no surprise there... working, school, and family keeps me racing around most days!  Kyran had a great birthday.  On the actual day we shared a playground party with a good school friend of his, Anna, who was born on the same day.  Then, a few days later we had a family and older friends celebration.  I love this boy!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Haydn is 1 year old!

We had a chilled birthday for Haydn... it was lovely.  He is on the verge of so many things...more teeth, walking, standing on his own (which he does now when he's not thinking about it), more words and signing, sigh... our little baby is on his way to toddler-hood already...

September will be the start to a really busy time.  I'm so glad we've found a great day home for Haydn, and Kyran is starting Kindergarten every morning during the week, which he's really excited about.  I am going back to University full I crazy?  It is possible... haha.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This summer has been so full... and we aren't traveling much, just staying in Edmonton, working, and spending family time as much as we can.  That said, we did manage to go as a family to The Sasquatch Gathering, a festival in Northern Alberta near Slave Lake.  Thom had 3 gigs there with 3 different bands, and the family came along for the adventure.  It was great!

Ah...notice the white beast next to Kyran?  We got a dog~!  His name is Ben, and he's a wonderful addition to the family.  The festival was dog friendly, so he was in heaven for 2 days, making lots of friends but always coming back to check in with us as well.  Kyran is also a dog in these photos!