Saturday, June 25, 2011

Much tooooo long, ah well...

Life happens, quicker and quicker it seems, even when I'm doing my best to enjoy the precious moments that happen regularly... I apologize to family and friends, especially those far away for my poor blog habits.  I will try harder~! a nutshell, I completed my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Music with a 3.8 grade point average which means scholarships (hooray!), and I have one year to go.  We had 5 visitors (3 different trips) from England, which was so amazing.  I quit my driving job in April, and am now teaching flute at home, and just started a month ago working at a music studio mostly for kids, teaching private and group intro piano lessons, parent-tot classes, and more.  I love it so far.  Thom is about to start a full time job plus will still take good gigs, Kyran is almost done Kindergarten (3 days to go), and Haydn is adding to his vocabulary minute by minute.  Our dog Ben is well too, and the walks are great for us as well as him.  We love being so near the river valley. 

We have up and down days, but we are pretty darn happy and grateful for what we've got.  Here are a lot of was a challenge to arrange them on here so sorry for the chaotic layout... but it generally shows a time line starting last September and bringing you up to date!

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